Social Media Customer Service

Customer Services should be at the heart of the organization, from management to marketing, sales, production and human resources.
Social Media keep you easily over the conversation when a customer make a complain, so you can listen, analyze, engage and connect.
Twitter is one of the best social networking to implement Customer Services.


Customer Service

1.- Listen

what people are saying about your products or services and industry


2.- Analyze

and take decisions among departments


3.- Engage

your customers more efficiently and quickly


4.- Connect

happy customers spreading the word and attracting prospects


* To know more check this good example at the tourism industry Here

Social Media:

Hi all,
I don’t know how to start or how to continue … social media topic is huge and I should invest 24/7 and I would never finish it … to be honest,  I have the feeling I am always leaving something behind …
I want to talk about another way to have an online Bio. The name is, this platform has about two years. You just need a nice  pic and a good copy to create and customize it very quick.
This is my profile, have a go,  it’s another way to be found or to do business. image image


No sé por donde empezar o como continuar … el tema es tan extenso que debería invertir las 24horas del día y no llegaría a estar a la última y lo cierto es que tengo la sensación de que simpre me estoy perdiendo algo  …
Me gustaría hablar de,  no es que esta plataforma sea nueva ya que tiene más de dos años pero es otra forma de tener una biografía online, personal o de empresa. Es fácil de crear, solo se tardan unos minutos y  se customiza muy rápido, solo debes tener a mano alguna  foto de calidad y un buen copy que te describa.

Este es my perfil Inténtalo, es una ventana más al mundo online!

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